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Partnership Program

The JST Instruments is pleased to announce the release of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for its important Global Partnership program (GPP), an initiative designed to cater the needs and further strengthen ability of creativity and innovation in surgical instruments industry.  

Separable production processes and availability of specialized services no doubt provide opportunities to produce quality products. However, growth of firm is possible only through technological change, even if small, which requires innovation in tools, patterns, product variation and, above all, skills up-gradation. May it be introduction of entirely new product, or a differentiated product, skills play a positive role in raising production level. Availability of skilled labor in Sialkot (Pakistan) confers an additional advantage to invest in surgical manufacturing industry. Concentration of large-sized skilled labor ensures that labor cost does not rise irrationally. All types of skilled workers are available and the job market is fairly large and active.

We are open to all parties who are interested in investing their capital on partnership basis in surgical and dental instruments manufacturing. We have in hand experience of the surgical industry and enjoy the expertise of technically skilled labor force. This Global Partnership will help the interested parties in maintaining cost effectiveness, in time delivery and above of all superior quality products. Further, this program is destined to serve as the first step in developing an effective system for sharing knowledge and commercializing new technologies within surgical and dental manufacturing industry. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Global Partnership Program, please go to (Web Link –Enquiry Form) and send us your questions or comments concerning this program. JST also anticipates holding informational sessions on this GPP which will be publicized on the JST Web site.


  Partnership Program
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