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Repair Services

JST Instruments provides repair services to maximize the patient safety and satisfaction of our valued customers. Our repair services include:

  • Sharpening, refurbishment and repair of surgical, dental, micro instrument sets.
  • Laparoscopic re-insulation and repair.
  • Spring and screw replacement.
  • Super cut scissors - Re-serrate/sharpen.

Any JST instrument that should prove defective during usage, material and or workmanship will be replaced.

Return Policy

We do have the return policy in the following ways, if the instrument may not be misused.

  • All merchandise must have prior approval before being returned.

  • For returns other then company error an appropriate re-stocking charge will be applied.

  • NOT RETURNABLE: If purchased over three months from date of request of return; products that have been used, show signs of age, or defaced in anyway.
Instrument Care

The following procedure must be followed:

      1. Decontamination. Immediately after use plunge instrument into a chemical solution with known effectiveness           on HIV.

      2. Cleaning. Fully remove with a detergent any residue of the instruments and generously rinse.

      3. Preparation To Sterilization. After rinsing carefully dry the instruments, discard any stained, damaged or           not properly operating instrument.

      4. Sterilization. Carefully follow the instruction and in any case do not overload the autoclave, leave enough           space between the instruments to allow a proper air circulation. When instruments are located in closed           containers, leave the plugs partially open to allow sterilizing action.

      5. Preservation. Any sterilized instrument shall be preserved in a specific location, closed but ventilated, with           constant temperature.

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